About the Author

JUSTICE_3 copyT.J. Tate has held a multitude of jobs. A professional wine taster, barista, ghostwriter for technical manuals and lead vocalist for an obscure rock band (his), he is an inveterate traveler.

His debut novel JUSTICE is a Fantasy Thriller with just the right touch of a classic western mixed into its DNA.  T.J. readily admits to his love of watching westerns. “The whole idea of someone standing alone and facing their fear  is what makes heroes — and that’s what a showdown is all about. It never failed to get my heart pumping and my rooting section going for the person wearing the white hat to win.”

What else can you expect from JUSTICE? This book is about redemption. It focuses on a seminal moment in someone’s life that caused that person more pain than they could handle. They’re literally frozen in that situation like a bug in amber. This is where JUSTICE comes in. Through this opportunity, these devastated individuals are offered hope.”

Uniquely compelling JUSTICE deals with heartfelt emotions and trauma in an inventive way. As it says in the blurb, “Second chances just became real.”



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