“You don’t find JUSTICE-JUSTICE finds you!”

This is a guest blog courtesy of bestselling author Susan J. McLeod.

It announces a free giveaway of both books in my JUSTICE series and gives details of how you can win a prize just for downloading a copy.

JUSTICE is the book that will make you believe in second chances.

“You don’t find JUSTICE-JUSTICE finds you!”.


JUSTICE: The Choice is Now Available

I’m extremely proud to announce that Book One in my JUSTICE series is now available to purchase.

As for the stories, as an author, I try to put myself in my character’s shoes. Therefore, the outcome is what they want, and not necessarily what I would choose. However, in The Choice, I think JUSTICE was more than served.

I’d be more than interested to hear your opinions. And if you haven’t read it yet, please pick yourself up a copy and join the conversation.


You can’t find JUSTICE … it finds you.

Second chances just got real.

While some will tell you JUSTICE doesn’t exist, those traumatized by life-shattering events pin their hopes on finding it. The walking wounded of the world start and end their day in pain, haunted by tragedies too horrible to imagine. Even after their bodies are healed, the mental anguish goes on. They remain caught in a trap, never moving forward from the past. They pray that one day they’ll find the commodity in short supply that will allow them to become whole.

In Book One of this series of short stories, Janice Carver is tormented by an event in her past. The brutal rape occurred five years ago, but the assault has stripped her of all hope. Lurching through her life, she’s engulfed by fear, regret and self-recrimination. Worse, her assailant was never caught, and lives his life freely with an untroubled soul.

But things have a way of spinning round, and suddenly second chances are all too real. Janice Carver’s life is about to change in unexpected ways. Always trying to find JUSTICE, she’s about to learn that you can’t find JUSTICE, JUSTICE finds you.

JUSTICE_3 copy

Book One: The Choice

Estimated Publication Date: July 20th